Conditions Treated


Wheezing sound, abdominal breathing and shortness of breath. Yes, this all happens when an adult or child is suffering from Asthma. Homeopathy can greatly reduce frequency of episode of breathlessness and use of steroids.

Case: I have gone through this. My daughter suffered most of the time when she was 2 years old. I had sleepless nights with my daughter. Many days, months passed and I continued giving her a nebulizer with some bronchodilators. My daughter had Asthma every 3-4 days. I knew at one point it had to stop somewhere. Being a Homeopath I had to treat her to stop her suffering. 

She was always being highly energetic, naughty, also would not listen to my instructions easily. She loved fruits and sweets. She was sharp, quick to react and would mingle with everyone. 

Homeopathic Medicine is based on our physical as well as mental makeup. Based on this I gave her constitutional medicine called Sulphur IM. I repeated this dose every 15 days. She soon started feeling better. Like her Asthma was reduced in frequency. She would still get once in 15 days and every time I gave her Sulphur IM for 3 days.

Her usage of nebulizer became once in 20 days and no more bronchodilators. Again there was a strong episode of breathlessness accompanied by fever. Due to breathlessness I took her to the hospital and gave her medicine over there. When she was brought home back, I gave her Sulphur IM for 3 days.

Over a period of 6 months, her Asthma reduced and she had only twice in one full year and I moved to Hongkong. Since then she has been Asthma free and I have a big sign of RELIEF!!!

“Homeopathy” can cure the disease be it acute or chronic. Give special intervention of modern medicine if needed. Homeopathy gave new life to my child. To see her laughing and playing and zero sick days is what I have achieved with Homeopathy.


Anxiety and Depression

Mental health is of utmost importance. You don't need to suffer in silence. If you find you are agitated, lack of appetite, negative thoughts persisting and don’t want to work, no energy or lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm and tearful mood then you must talk to your health professional and seek help. Feeling supported in depression is also a remedy. Seeking help is important.

I have deep compassion for people with depression and anxiety. It is one of my passion to help through Homeopathy or Reiki too.  

Case: I remember a case I treated long ago a girl named “Zoe”, who was going through depression for the last one month. She lost her appetite and left college for one month. She was only home most of the time. She was weeping all the time. She was new to Homeopathy and I explained to her about it. She seemed a quiet, sober girl and after one and half hours of comprehensive history, she told me that she wanted to go to study overseas but her parents did not allow her. She was a perfectionist and diligent and would crave ice- creams.

Note:- In Homeopathy we enquire about physical make-up and mental make-up in depth. We then take into consideration the important symptoms and give you one constitutional medicine. I gave her homeopathic medicine Carcinosin 200. I repeated this medicine for 15 days one dose daily. 

On the first follow-up:- She told me that her appetite was improved and her symptoms of crying on and off were improved by 50%. I continued the same medicine for another 15 days and she steadily improved. Over 4 months, her symptoms of depression reduced by 90%. She went back to college for studies. In the last follow-up, she thanked me that Homeopathy changed her life. I advised her to do some regular exercise and include meditation in her daily routine.

A lady aged 43 years old came to see me for her depression. Poor appetite, lack of enthusiasm and negative thoughts were a few of her symptoms. Upon complete case history, I gave her Natrum- Mur 200 for 7 days.  She improved at every follow-up and within 4 months she was back to work.

Homeopathy does not need much recognition. Mere results speak the truth.



Allergies such as Allergic rhinitis and asthma are very common in Hong Kong. One of the top reasons why so many people get affected is due to pollution and humidity in Hong kong. I have seen lots of kids suffering from eczema and asthma in kids as well as adults. Homeopathy through the classical approach and diet elimination along with intake of pro-biotics do wonders for treating allergies.

Case: One of the fantastic cases I remember I treated recently. An adult male aged  36 years old, a Software engineer by profession was facing trouble with his increased asthmatic attacks. He was taking Fluticasone and Salmeterol inhaler (steroid) every day. Upon comprehensive history, I noted that he was quite intelligent, hard-working and loved to eat sweets.

I prescribed him Lycopodium 200 for 7 days. Upon first follow-up, he mentioned the wheezing has reduced and he can sleep comfortably.  Upon second and third follow-up he said that there has been constant improvement and asthmatic episodes have been reduced to 1 to 2 times per week. After 6 months he was very happy as his conventional doctor asked him to use a steroid inhaler only when needed.  He still gets breathlessness episodes 1 to 2 times in 3 months. He thanked me. 

Case: A boy aged 16 years old came to me with complaints of allergic rhinitis. He would sneeze 50 to 60 times in the morning, with itchy eyes and water discharge from his nose. He was sharp, witty and expressive by nature. He loved eating sweets, sports and was friendly by nature. I prescribed him Phosphorus 1M for 10 days. For the second and the third follow up he showed 50% improvement. I changed his medicine to Sulphur 10M. He showed great improvement after this. His symptoms reduced nearly 80%. 

We removed dairy from his diet and prescribed him probiotics. He further improved. His mother thanked me for his recovery. 


Skin Issues

Skin issues like eczema, acne, boils, urticaria and few other conditions like psoriasis are inflammatory. There is definite inflammation in your body (which is read as sycosis) in homeopathy due to which your skin starts showing up symptoms of redness, itching and suppuration in some cases of eczema. Homeopathy acts simply in a beautiful way for treating eczema, boils and urticaria.

Case: I treated baby "Yat Hseih" when he was about 9 months old. 80% of the body was having eczema. Upon complete evaluation of his case, I gave him "Sulphur 200" (Homeopathics). It took him 6 months to recover but he is completely cured of eczema. 

A lady aged 39 years was having urticaria or "Hives" and was taking an antihistamine every day. Upon taking homeopathy 90% of her hives got cleared and no wonder I could stop her antihistamine medicines too. 

Skin Issues

Hormonal Issues in Women

Hormonal issues like irregular menses, acne and hair fall all can be treated well by Homeopathy. Hair fall, irregular menses, delay in getting conceived and weight gain are a few of the symptoms due to hormonal changes in one’s body also known as PCOD. I have gained a lot of success in cases of irregular menses and PCOD.

Case: I will discuss one of my favorite cases because the cure not only showed us good results but she conceived naturally too. A lady aged 33 years came to me with complaints of irregular menses, acne and trying from one year to conceive. She had one child already. From thereon I enquired about her physical symptoms as well as her emotional symptoms. She told me that she craved sweets and fruits.

Her disposition was:- Having extrovert characteristics, friendly, postponing things, naive but intelligent with her task of handling accounts in her office.

I gave her Sulphur 200 for 5 days a week to be repeated only twice a month.

In the first 2 months, she showed no improvement with her cycle. In the third month, her cycle was on time and not delayed by 10 to 15 days.

Over a period of 3 months, her menses became regular. We continued the medicine and she continued to improve. Over a period of 6 months, her menses became regular and we continued the treatment for a year. Finally, she conceived naturally and was super happy to have a second baby in her life. Once again Homeopathy proved to be the best remedy for women battling with hormonal issues.

Hormonal Issues

Immunity boosting in kids

Cold, cough, sore throat, frequent stools resulting in diarrhea with stomach upset are seen most commonly in school kids. These complaints are often acute in origin but they have an impact on functionality as well as increasing concern of parents for their kid's health. Homeopathy has wonderful results when it comes to resolving kid's immunity.

Case: A boy named Ayaan aged 6 years old had recurrent stomach upsets which ended up in vomiting and weakness. Mother had approached a western medicine doctor and was given antibiotics to combat his infection. He would get once every month. She visited me and on complete case evaluation, I gave him Thuja 200. The boy improved within a couple of months and he did not get the infection as often as he used to get. One more time he succumbed to this infection and I repeated Calc-Carb this time. He did not have any more complaints of stomach upset in the next 4-5 months too. He improved a lot. Mother thanked me on WhatsApp.

I have treated several patients with infections of acute origin. It can be easily treated alone with Homeopathy.

Immunity in kids


Frequent urination, increased thirst, craving for sugar and low-energy can be a few of the symptoms of diabetes.

Case: Priya was 27 years old when she first consulted me about her diabetes. She was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, unfortunately, her blood sugar levels did not come down after the birth of the baby. Five months after her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. At the time, her blood sugar levels were 10.8 mmol/l in fasting and 13.0 mmol/l postprandial (normal levels are <6.1 and < 7.8 respectively). She was given medications for diabetes but she wanted to try Homeopathy.

During her first consultation, I did a thorough review of her lifestyle, habits, preferences, temperament, and medical history. In addition to her physical symptoms, it was clear to me that Priya was in severe grief. Based on her physical and mental makeup, I prescribed a remedy called, Lycopodium 200. Priya took the remedy in addition to her medication. Ten days later her test on glucometer showed that she was 8.8 in fasting and 10 in postprandial (target levels for people with diabetes are >7.0 and >11.1 respectively).

Priya continued with the same remedy and over the span of 3 months her blood sugar level gradually returned to normal. Priya was able to completely come off the diabetes medication under her medical doctor’s advice.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes and you are relying on long-term medication to help control your blood sugar levels, I would strongly recommend you try homeopathy. You might be amazed at how effective it is for you.



Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder in children is growing day by day. Lack of focus, hyperactivity, low energy, irritability, frequent tantrums, sleep issues and digestive issues are some of the pointers.

Case: One of the cases I remember I treated was having mild-moderate ADHD. The Child was diagnosed with mild ADHD. He had fogginess, lack of concentration and digestive issues like constipation. His mood was highly unstable. Upon deep conversation with Mother, I gave him phosphorus 200 for seven days.

Slowly over a period of time, his fogginess and concentration improved by 50 percent. His constipation got better and his mood also got better. I did remove his triggering food and our team supported him with psychotherapy. Thus through homeopathy, diet elimination and psychotherapy he improved to a great extent.

Please note: - To ensure that your child does/ does not have ADHD is a broad spectrum and any negligence may cause more damage to the child’s self-esteem.


Constipation & Digestive Issues

Gases, constipation & eructations can be so bothersome that you don't feel fresh. There are many causes to this like SIBO, gut dysbiosis and constipation.

Case: A male aged 38 years old saw me because of all these digestive issues. Since he was a yoga practitioner his lifestyle was very simple and active but there were few errors in his diet and our consultation was very long, so I removed 4 to 5 triggering food items from his diet and gave him constitutional homeopathy. I gave him Gelsemium 200 and Sulphur 1M  for consecutive days. 

On 1st follow up things did not improve much. On the second follow up he saw improvement. His eructations and gases improved around 50%. I did give him a couple of probiotics to kill the bad bacteria in his gut. His constipation resolved within a month. By the 4th follow up he was already better.


Chronic Fatigue

Muscle pain, low energy, a lot of sleep, poor appetite are the common symptoms we need to see in chronic fatigue cases. I have treated many patients and I will discuss one of the astonishing results.

Case: A pilot aged 36 years old took off from his work for 3 weeks because of his fatigue. He would sleep for nearly 10 to 12 hours per day and would feel exhausted still. He came to see me for Homeopathy. I took his case and combining both physical generals and mental generals. I prescribed him Calc-phos 200 for 10 days. He visited after 15 days and was improved by nearly 50%. We continued treatment for another 2 months and he was completely better.

Homeopathy does its job very fast if one is persistent with it.  

Chronic Fatigue


Throbbing pulsating or constricted feeling in one side of the head along with nausea and vomiting are symptoms of migraine. The patient remains quiet and can not do any activity for nearly a day.

Case: I had a wonderful case. A girl named Jasreen who was in her early 20's came to see me for headaches. She was having severe headaches every week. She would take at least 3 paracetamols every week. I was surprised that at such young age she was consuming painkillers. 

I took her case history and prescribed her Silicea 200. She was a quiet sober, decent and pleasant girl. These are the exact characteristics of the medicine too. She improved within a couple of months. Her frequency of headaches came down to zero and she did not consume any more pain-killer. 

Her father was happy and now their whole family comes for treatment.